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Fresh Meat Market in Greensboro, NC

Butcher-Style Fresh Meat, Never Frozen

If you’re tired of the same bland hamburger and want something new for dinner, Al Aqsa Meat Market in Greensboro, NC, should be your first stop. Our meat market has more than just the general American cuts; we specialize in fresh, never frozen, Halal meats and carry foods from international Mideastern countries, including Africa, Iraq, and more. You’ll never try the same thing twice because we have that large of a selection. Check us out today.

Experienced Staff, Friendly Service

Our staff holds our customers dear to our hearts, so we strive to give them the best customer service at all times. When you enter our establishment, you’ll receive our undivided attention, the best cuts of meat possible, and stellar customer service. We’ve got years of experience under our belt serving the finest cuts of fresh meat and offering unbeatable quality.


The Best Middle Eastern Market in Town

Serving an authentic Middle Eastern meal is only possible with true, imported Middle Eastern foods. Skip the big-box store and come to Al Aqsa Meat Market for your ingredients. Our customers will tell you that we’re the best Middle Eastern market in town, and we hold ourselves to that claim by stocking only the best spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and Halal meats. You’ll only find the freshest selection here, so whip up your meals with authenticity.

In addition to Middle Eastern foods, we offer specialties from:

Persia | India | Mediterranean Countries | America | Bosnia | Sudan | Somalia | Asia | Morocco | Tunisia

Daily International Bread Specials

Out of all of our international foods, our most popular selection—second to the meat—is our bread. We offer fresh bread from a variety of countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Morocco. Each loaf is mixed and freshly baked each morning, so it’s hot and ready to go as soon as you come in. Our team also hosts daily specials on specialty bread as follows:

Fresh Pita Bread Delivered Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday

Fresh Jasmine Bread Every Thursday

Fresh Tandoori Bread Every Friday

Fresh Samoon Bread Every Friday

Come in Today

Wipe that drool from your face and get in the car! Drive to Al Aqsa Meat Market for fresh-cut meat to grill tonight. While you’re at it, browse our selection of fresh vegetables, snacks, foreign spices and fruits, and more. If you can think of it, we probably have it. Stop in today for an international market you’ll never forget.

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