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Fresh Meat Cuts & Foreign Delicacies in Greensboro, NC

If you’re looking for a juicy slab of fresh meat to prepare for dinner, drive to Al Aqsa Meat Market. Located in Greensboro, NC, we offer meats of all different cuts and types, including domestic and international delicacies.


Fresh-Cut Meat, Never Frozen

When you come to our meat market for our signature meats, you’ll receive a cut that’s always fresh, never frozen. If you need proof, we’ve got it. We cut our meats right in front of the customer, so you can see the freshness before it’s packaged up for you. Our team also includes a marinated kabob service where we prepare out own in house marinated meat on kabob skewers so its ready to grill when you get home. 

Check Out Our Gigantic Selection of Foods

When we claim that we have a large selection of food, we really mean it! These are just some of the delicacies you’ll find on our shelves when you visit us:

Domestic Meats

Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Goat, Oxtail, Mutton, & Veal

International Meats

Halal, Kosher, Zabiha

Seasonal Fresh Vegetables

Honey & Jam

Sweets & Candies


Olives, Beans, & Grains


Pickled Foods



Turkish Coffee & Tea


Imported Cheeses



Daily International Bread Specials


Fresh Pita, Flat, Iraqi, & Malawi Moroccan Bread

Dried Fruits

Nuts, Pistachios, & Roasted Seeds

Soups & Broth

Yogurt & Labneh

Traditional wall art

home décor 

kitchen wares

Hookah tobacco

Hookah Products






International Foods & Spices

Al Aqsa Meat Market serves more than just meat. We’re known as an international market because of our aisles upon aisles of other foods, spices, herbs, and delicacies. Try some of our common items like fresh vegetables, or whip up a fantastic home-cooked meal using appetizers like falafel. Additionally, our stock includes various imported sweets, snacks, candies, spices, and other foods to cook and brew with. We have many foods for you and the family to try, so come in today.

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From fresh bread to international delicacies, Al Aqsa Meat Market has the widest selection of foods and international gifts in Guilford County. Come in today to check out our daily bread specials, fresh-cut meats, sweet and salty snacks, and so much more. We promise you’ll find something you’ll want to take home. 

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